Over Night Service

Need your things in a hurry? Say no more.

Calfo Red Line Transfer knows there are times when a move must be done quickly, where every minute is of the essence. We are up to the challenge. Our expert team of licensed and insured professionals provide overnight relocation services for residential and commercial customers.


Time critical shipments can be stressful—but they don’t have to be. With a solid plan, and proven practices, you’ll rest assured that everything will go according to the time table you have in front of you. Overnight transfers have their advantages also in that they won’t require storage space so you save on inventory costs.

With our expedited overnight service, your belongings will be loaded and moved through the night—as far as New York City.


Our experienced, trained crews understand the complexities of fast and safe overnight moving services. You’ll always know where your shipment is, because we track everything at all times, allowing you additional peace of mind when it comes to logistics.

We aim to keep you happy. That means fulfilling all of your shipping needs from start to finish. We’ll help you:

  • Establish Customized Scheduling To Meet Your Needs
  • Provide Careful, Expert Packing And Loading Of Your Residential Or Commercial Belongings
  • Keep Track Of Everything And Communicate With You 24/7 Through Our Exceptional Customer Support
  • Deliver Your Items Efficiently And On Target

Call Calfo Redline Transfer today to inquire about our overnight service!